Energy Screen
Light Diffusion White Screen
Aluminium Screen
Black-out Screen
Nano Foam Screen
Light Diffusion Sliver Screen
Ultimate black-out side
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Currently we have 7 different series of products, which are assorted based on their different functionality and application in the greenhouse.  All of them could be made into flame retardant or non-flame retardant version, expect the Nano Foam Screen for now.  The product code for all the flame retardant version starts with FRRX and for non-flame retardant version starts with RX, both of have the same pattern.

F: Open
W: White
S: Sliver
B: Black
Alu: Aluminium

Our maximum width is 5.3m.  The common width is 4m, 4.3m, 4.7m and 5.3m.  Special pattern or width could be made to order (minimum order applies).  All further details please contact as via email.

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